National Professional Enquiry Project (NPEP)

Dr Bethan Gordon leads Cardiff Met’s role (together with Professor Gareth Loudon, Dr Anna Bryant, Dr David Aldous, Dr Jennie Clement and Gemma Mitchell) in the National Professional Enquiry Project (NPEP), a Welsh Government led programme designed to prepare teachers for the launch of a new curriculum in 2022/2023. The four-year project started in 2018. Read more …

Making the Digital Future Crafty

Led by Professor Wendy Keay-Bright, this project (funded by HEFCW) adapted the 9 principles of the Maker Movement: make, share, give away, learn, tool up, play, participate, support and change, Hatch (2013), as a framework for enabling design with a network of special education professionals. The project focused on building simple electronic devices and basic coding in a series of maker workshops that, in turn, stimulated conversations and stories describing learner ability. Read more …

Creative SPARK

Led by Richard Morris , this three-year collaborative research project (started in 2018) between the Cardiff School of Art & Design (CSAD), Lviv National Academy of Arts (LNAA) and PPV Knowledge Network in Ukraine focuses on developing enterprise skills and a Creative Hub in Lviv. The project is funded by the British Council. Read More …

Imagine Namibia

An international collaboration between Cardiff University (Professor Judith Hall), Cardiff Metropolitan University (Dr Clara Watkins), the University of Namibia and the Namibian Ministry of Education on teaching design thinking skills to school children in Namibia.

Part of the work included students and staff from our Product Design course travelling out to Namibia to run workshops. The work was part of Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project.